Vento works with average stock price, 

it can be calculated according to system settings and Algorithm of current stock price.

How to do it?

Choose the right calculation method based on traffic, these criteria can be considered first:

What is my stock traffic? Very slow - average - very dynamic

How quicly can your Stockkeeper insert all new receipts? Daily - once in a week - random

Your average stock price is affecting your foodcost. That is why, you should choose method according to criteria mentioned above. 

Your customer support agent will hep you to choose the right one. 

How does it work?

Optimally, the receipts should be entered on the day the stock items are stored in order to correctly express the foodcost. During the sale on ePOS system waiters are selling recipes, that includes stock items. This sale is immediately shown in reports and reflects your current stock prices to express your foodcost.

Monitor your foodcost to optimize prices - Selling overview

Recipe sales:

Stock price of item:

Operational calculations of average stock price:

1. Last days (x days) - recommended

Algorithm of current stock price will calculate your foodcost x last days. The recommended number of days is 30, 60 or 90 days. It depends how quicly will your stockkeeper add new documents in the system. 

Calculation: total purchase price (number of units in price for every x days) / number of items in stock = average purchase price

2. Complete stock history

Calculation: total purchase price (number of units in recipients for the whole history) / number of pieces in stock = average purchase price

3. Do not recalculate

Price of stock item is not recalculated. So there can be fix manual purchase price for item/unit.