The Employee location report will provide you a list of all your employees from all establishments. It will show you the assignment of employees between establishments in the calendar view and also the number of employees at the given establishment for the given day.

You can also easily lend a worker from his home establishment to another, where he will be available for reservations.

You can find the report via Settings - Employees - Opening hours.


First, select the date range for which you want to display the data. A table with a list of all employees from all connected establishments and the shortcut of the establishment to which the employee is currently assigned will be displayed. Workers with no availability will have a blank cell.

Tip: If you need to sort employees differently, just change the sort code and update the order with the appropriate button.

By clicking on the editing pencil next to the sort code you can easily and quickly edit the employee's location. A monthly list is displayed, where you just need to select for which days the employee should be assigned elsewhere, or when he is completely absent.

After saving the changes, the employee will automatically appear in the Employee plan in the assigned establishment. 

You can read how to set availability here.