A block of 60 minutes with a specific consultant can be ordered via the link below. We always plan 14 days in advance, so you can choose from really free dates for the consultation. It is always a virtual consultation via the Zoom application, so more attendees can join. 

How to book a consultation?

1. Select a consultant and click on the link.

2. The marked data is available to the consultant, just click on the date and choose the time of the consultation - confirm by clicking the Confirm button.

3. Fill in your name and surname, work email and work phone, don't forget to let us know what topic the consultation will cover - confirm by clicking on the Schedule Event button.

After receiving your order, the consultant will first send you the price of the consultation for the binding order.

Consultants who have 60-minute consultation blocks open for you:

Monika Váchová, Customer Success Executive


Martina Duřtová, Head of Customer Success