System version 4.3.3. introduced default number of fixed beds for the specific RateCode.


If the default value is set as 0, the system will behave in the same manner as in the past and during the second stage of making the new reservation, it will require to add the number of guests.

This update was developed predominantly for communication with Channel managers that do not use occupancy-based pricing. Ultimately, this function is useful for creating reservations manually in Hoteltime, as it accelerates the new reservation process itself.


The set-up of a default fixed beds for a RateCode is ideal for likes of reservation RateCodes for a single-use or RateCodes that you use for group bookings. As a result, you do not have to input manually guest count for every room.

How does the new update works?

The system will automatically populate the number of guests in the second step of making a reservation to all rooms selected in the first step.


In the first step select number of rooms for room types being reserved.



In the second step, guests (beds) count will be added automatically to the selected room types from the first step. 

When selecting additional rooms in the second step, the system will not add the number of guests automatically. RateCode parameter Beds is tied to the first step, where the system adds guests count to the rooms per selected RateCode.

Fixed Bed count settings:

1. From the main menu select Settings - Rates - RateCode

2. Click on the Rate code you want to update. Rate Code edit page loads.

3. Set up the default value of the beds.