Explore with us RateCodes, smart way to build your pricing.

RateCodes are important to create reservation in the system. They connect together rates, packages, mealplans and taxes. It can also help you to set up default value for reservation details (segment, source, stay reason etc.). Also discount can be apllied and that can help you to perform rates in several RateCodes.

RateCode detail:

  • Combine rates and packages in one RateCode.
  • Add mealplan and taxes.
  • Select date range for stay and sell separetely.
  • Set-up default value for new reservation - reason of stay, type of client, payment method, reservation requests, source, segment.
  • Create your own text on invoice, discount
  • Select roomtypes, you want to sell with these conditions.

Did you know?

- what is Discount X-Y

You can sell longterm reservation for special price - f.e. 10 nights for 9. System will automaticly deduct 1 night (accomodation only).

- what is No sale dates

You can block dates and nobody can create reservation by this RateCode to selected dates. The same for ChannelManagerSystem, these period will be blocked.

To set-up RateCodes connected with ChannelManagerSystem please contact your support agent to help you. There might be mapping code to connect RateCodes with ChannelManagerSystem.