Focus on Guest experiences, in HotelTime you cane combine reservation requests and notes.

Did you know, there is 6 type of notes already? Let have a look.

Your first step to improve Guest experiences is creating Reservation requests.

Click on main menu Settings - Classification management - Reservation request

Here is a place to create your own reservation request. It will be a list of often request (excluding Room features - these can be set up in Classification management - Room features). Reservation requests will appear in housekeeping report and you can filter arrivals/departures and a list of reservations in the system.

Let create a wonderful experiences from the first moment! 

Well done and now, second step. Go ahead with notes:

1. Reservation note

2. External note to reservation (your online bookings, ChannelManagerSystem)

3. Pop-up note

4. Room note

5. Note for housekeeping

6. Profile note

Specify guest preferences in profile note and track notes to other departments (Front desk, housekeeping etc.).

Small details do big things. It could be table preference, guest special diet, favorite flowers, wake-up time etc.