As with the transformation of stock items, this feature is a great helper in the production of semi-finished and intermediate products.

For example, we can make broth from bones, vegetable and spices and use it in recipes. This will make it easier for us to work in the stock and edit recipes. Foodcost will be much more accurate, because the cost of the stock items will be created based on the used stock items (bones, vegetable, and so on).

We will use a similar procedure in the production of cakes, for example. When we prepare a cake from ingredients and sell one piece, for example, 1/8 or 1/16 depending on size.

To create a new product merge:

1. In the main menu Stock - New activity - Product merge.

2. Enter stock items we used. And like a destination item choose a final product.

After you entered all items click on button Save activity and modify stock.

3. It´s done. We have picked up and finished the destination product from the amount of stock items for production.


The system also allows the reverse activity, namely the transformation of stock items. This activity can make several stock items from one stock item.

The advantage is still the calculation of costs, which then affects the foodcost on the outputs.