By inserting a recipe into an already created or just created recipe, we can save a lot of time. Create your own menu and put all courses in one calculation, all recipes can be easily inserted in this way without re-entering the individual items of the recipe again.

To insert the calculation into the calculation, proceed as follows:

1. Recipes - Recipe list - Here you select a recipe from the list below into which you will insert the recipe and then choose to enter the recipes, if you want to assign a recipe to an existing recipe.

2. Search for our selected recipe in which you want insert another recipe and click on its name.

3. On the line Add, select recipe except of stock items. Then fill name and count of portions.

Code / Name - After entering 3 letters a list of recipes that we can enter will expand.

Count - Select the number of portions of the recipe that you want to insert. If we are creating a recipe for 10 portions of goulash, it is logical to add 10 portions of dumplings.

4. Then click on button Add to insert recipe into the recipe.