The HotelTime system offers a wide range of options for setting up your tax documents printing. You can set up how will the document look like and what it will contain. Let's take a look at these settings. 

Also see the video here.

Did you know that you can choose how the invoice items will be grouped when printing a document? You can group the items according to its revenue centres for example, and thus avoid multi-page invoices with dozens of items.

Also note the Print grouped items option. This option in combination with the Custom groupings mod allows you to merge the relevant items into one item.

The default grouping of items on documents can be set via Settings - Application - Main system set-up - Miscellaneous settings - Print modes. 

On the same page you will also find some other useful options. Do you need to edit the Provider, Hotel info or Bank account fields on the document? The system loads these data from the Property information. This setting allows you to overwrite these fields without changing anything in the Property information. You can use this for some temporary changes, for example when you need to issue only one invoice with a different information. 

You can also choose from a several preset system templates for printing documents. Try a template with a logo, for example, or for 80mm paper size.  

Didn't find a suitable template? Contact our sales representative dedicated for your hotel. You always have the option to order your own graphic design, which will allow you to further customize your tax documents.

Let's take a look at Settings - Application - Main system set-up - Accounts and documents now. It is possible to edit a preset Text before prices on your documents. 

Tip: It is also possible to add another custom text field at the bottom of the page of the document. If you are interested in this option, contact customer support.