In this report you will get an overview of the current number of booked rooms from all bookings. 

Data source: The data is read from the reservations and shows the number of rooms day after day for which the reservation was made. It does not have to be created for a specific room, it is enough if the reservation contains only the room type and can be confirmed and also unconfirmed (option).

This feature can be used to look into the past and the future. The data is updated as soon as the reservation is created or deleted, or the status changed.

The Def column shows confirmed rooms, the Tent column unconfirmed (options).

The Pot. line shows the number of rooms incl. rooms that are used only for overbooking and do not physically exist x number of days per month.

Line Min. is the sum of the Def. column, the Max. is the sum of the Def. + Tent.