If you use a telephone exchange and with it the loading of items from minibars or the calls of guests to their account, it can sometimes happen that not a single item appears in the account. The Lost interface report is used for this.

All the mentioned items are loaded into the report if the reservation is not yet in the checkin state or is already in the checkout state. If you need to charge the minibar to the guest's account when the reservation is not yet in checkin, you will find the item in the Lost interface report. From here you can easily transfer the item to a post master or reservation account. Of course, if you have already billed the guest an item differently, you can also delete the item.

The report can be filtered for a given period, the room number (as set in the telephone exchange), the service or the type of item (if it is, for example, a telephone call, a minibar and others).

When searching for the given items, you will be shown what the service is, room code, quantity and price.

You can find the report via the main menu Sales - Lost interface.