Employee accounts can be found Reporings -> bill and account list -> employee accounts

Employee accounts serve as long-term accounts in the system for employees, which does not need to be settled or closed before each POS closing. They are established in the administration of the Vento system, where their parameters can also be selected, adjustments to the selling prices of items (discounts, surcharges, adjustment of prices to cost prices). It is possible to assign a profile of a person or company to the accounts, you can define a discount from the payment, temporarily block the account or, for example, automatically reopen a new one after closing if the account is to be transferable to HotelTime.

The inserted profile for the employee account takes over the set discount from the profile in the address book.

We can filter the list according to many factors (see pic.) And we also create a new account here.

When creating a new account, it is necessary to select the parameters for charging (attention - the possibility of payment to the hotel, it is not possible to edit after first chatge! If this parameter is unchecked, the items cannot be transfered to HT)