Are you looking for new ways to communicate with your guests, do you want to avoid long queues for arrivals and departures? You are in the right place.

Watch the Concierge introduction video.

What is the Concierge module?

The concierge module is an add-on to the HotelTime system version 4.0 and higher. It is an extended setting of the HotelTime system for advanced work with guests.

How to activate the Concierge module?

Contact our sales representative or customer support, who will discuss with you the possibilities of the module and use-case. Customer support will set up an SMTP server with you (this is an email server, your IT will know the details we need).

What does the module offer?

  • Automatic sending of emails:

Confirmation - confirmation of the reservation creation

PreStay - information before the stay mostly with online check-in form 

Invoice - tax document by email

PostCheckIn - information for your stay immediately after check-in

PostStay - Information after the departure of the guest, thanks and request for evaluation

Birthday greeting card - guest birthday card

LiberoPreStay - Libero procedure package information and pre-arrival information

All emails have dynamic sections where information from the reservation is added and can fully replace manual e-mails to your guests, which you used to send at the reception or reservation department.

Automatic PreStay, PostStay and PostCheck-in emails are sent to all guests added in the reservation and meet the condition of the set language, the correct email and the time range when the automatic email should be sent. You do not have to assign any Concierge categories to these guests.

You should have email templates in the same languages as languages set in the guest profiles. You can use our templates and just customize the text of the email. It is also possible to implement your own individual template.

However, the birthday email is different because it is not directly related to the accommodation service provided. Therefore, it is sent only to those guests who have given the appropriate approvals to the GDPR (EU) and at the same time the selected type of Birthday campaign is allowed in their address book profile.

You can send the tax document directly from the invoice detail. You will need to have an e-mail address, language selected and then click on the Send document to the purchaser's email button. You will also need to have an email template. Use one from our default templates, or create your own template. 

The online check-in form will be generated from the reservation and you can set how long before the arrival the guest can fill in the form. Some of the fields can by mandatory. The online check-in form is most often part of the PreStay email either via the Concierge module or one of our partners such as GuestJoy.

Customize the form - choose a photo of the hotel, background and logo of the establishment.

As soon as the guest fills in his details and confirm them, they will be displayed in HotelTime immediately.

  • Generating tasks for the reception or reservation department

You can set tasks to be created automatically. With the activation of the Concierge module, you also get the opportunity to work with tasklists (todolists). For the one selected todolist the system can automatically generate tasks such as Pre-authorization of payment cards, Cancel pre-authorization, task for guests birthday or address book checks.

Tasks will besides very well replace the messages book at the reception.

Tasks can be assigned to a reservation, address book profile or a user group (eg reception, reservation department, management, sales, housekeepers, etc.) or you can assign a task directly for a concrete user. It can be a special treatment for the guest or even a simple watering of flowers at the reception.

We recommend you to work with automatic tasks on a regular basis. The address book should be "cleaned up" before activating the automatic checks, so the number of tasks is not too large when first time generated. Request customer support to export directories to MS Excel right here.

  • Address book check

You know that keeping your address book clean and up to date can be quite complicated. A large number of users work with the profiles and they can create incorrect profiles or duplicities. That's why the Concierge module strives to keep your directory in a good condition. This is the only way to effectively monitor the history of guests and prevent duplicate or unsolicited emails from sending.

The system checks:

Duplicated profiles.

Profiles in which the salutation is missing - this is further used in automatic emails. 

Profiles that lacks language - depending on the language a proper email template is being sent.

Profiles in which the address is missing. 

Profiles without an e-mail address.

Profiles that are missing a date of birth.