ADYEN online payments
Let's discover together, what does it mean implement online payment automation in your operations:
Čt, 17 Srpen, 2023 v 4:46 ODPOLEDNE
All about Concierge
Are you looking for new ways to communicate with your guests, do you want to avoid long queues for arrivals and departures? You are in the right place. ...
Pá, 30 Duben, 2021 v 1:05 ODPOLEDNE
Check-in kiosk
Did you know that HotelTime offers connection to check-in kiosks for an self-service reception? HotelTime currently offers a connection to the check-in kio...
Po, 9 Listopad, 2020 v 10:08 ODPOLEDNE
Online payments
Did you know that HotelTime offers online payment processing directly in the application? Including instant online card payment? In cooperation with Total ...
Po, 9 Listopad, 2020 v 5:40 ODPOLEDNE
Accounting filled from the system - Automatically!
End of printing and transfer of documents to the accounting office. The most efficient way to transfer data to the accounting system is our accounting batch...
Út, 10 Listopad, 2020 v 11:08 DOPOLEDNE
Less filling in registration cards - ID reader
The fastest way to fill in a guest profile! HotelTime is fully compatible with ID readers from GRANUS. The ID reader tranfers to HotelTime data from the...
Út, 10 Listopad, 2020 v 11:09 DOPOLEDNE
Extra services sold through channelmanager D-Edge
Do you sell extra services through your channelmanager? If you use D-Edge and HotelTime version 4, these items can be transferred to your reservation automa...
Út, 10 Listopad, 2020 v 11:09 DOPOLEDNE
Online Check-in
HotelTime offers the possibility of online check-in before the guest's arrival, this feature will facilitate and speed up the check-in process on the ar...
Pá, 30 Duben, 2021 v 1:22 ODPOLEDNE
Housekeeping app - suitable for mobile devices
Are you thinking about how to simplify the work of housekeepers as much as possible? They can have up-to-date information with them at all times so their wo...
Út, 27 Říjen, 2020 v 10:38 DOPOLEDNE