The Customer Success Program is a free service that aims to make the most of our products for your business.

When does the program start?

During the first quarter of the year, you will receive an information email about the program.  As well as an offer of a free one-hour consultation. But you can join the program with us at any time during the year, just register.

How can I register?

You can sign up at this link:

By registering, you sign up for a free one-hour consultation with our specialist. We highly recommend this. During it, a specialist will help you set up the system and also advise you on what you will need.

Or you can wait until we send you a system usage analysis.

How does the program work and what is the analysis?

We will prepare a detailed analysis of the use of the system. The analysis also includes ideas for improving settings. We usually send the analysis to the contact email by the contact specified in the license agreement or the contact of the responsible manager. You will also find a link to order a consultation with a specialist in the email.

A consultation with a specialist includes a presentation of the analysis and insights, but mainly a consultation of your business needs, metrics and goals. According to them, we then prepare regular news in the system for you. You can also arrange regular free consultations (eg once a quarter, once every six months, once a year).

What should I do if I do not receive the email analysis?

The best way is to register at this link: This will clearly show us that you are interested in the program. As we expect higher interest in the program, please wait for an email from the consultant after registration

What if I don't have time right now?

The season is in full swing and you have no time to do such things? It doesn't matter. We automatically send the analysis to the email of the contact person from the license agreement or to the manager. Postpone it until there is more time and as soon as it arrives, just register for a free consultation here

What to do when you are new?

Hotel staff may change during the year. It is clear that not all information is likely to be passed on. It doesn't matter at all, we can include you in the program at virtually any time, and we'll also show you what we've designed over the past period. You can sign up for us now by registering at this link:

What should I do if I do not want to participate in the program?

The program runs for all our customers, so the analysis will be received by email by a contractual contact or manager. However, you do not have to use our ideas or the results of the analysis in any way. However, you may face inconsistencies or mismanage the system by using it incorrectly. The program just prevents such inconveniences, but of course, it is up to you whether you complete it with us.

I booked a consultation, but in the end, I can't.

Just reply to the email of the Customer Success Program. Suggest a new date or postpone when you have time. But please note that the sooner you let us know, the better. This does not block time for other customers.

  • Cancellation of the ordered date more than 7 days in advance we allow two times.
  • We only allow the cancellation of the ordered term 6-2 days in advance once.
  • By not attending the planned consultation, the consultation fails and it is not possible to draw on it again.

What to do if you have any further questions about the features and the planned consultation is taking a long time?

Describe any questions or concerns to us directly at and state that this is a Customer Success Program. Your question will reach the consultant and he will answer it as soon as possible. If there is nothing critical about the questions, do not call us and wait for an email answer.