LKA - TAX change
Dear Valued Client, Because of different TAX rate changes across the country, please check if, in the HotelTime or Vento application is, your cumulati...
St, 31 Leden, 2024 v 7:07 ODPOLEDNE
2022 4Q Webinar - what is new in HotelTime
Let's discover, what is new in HotelTime system. When: 19.10.2022 at 14:00 CET Free registration here: ...
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1Q 2023 Webinar collection - Payments Innovation
Free webinar collection for 1Q 2023 is here. Register here.
Pá, 10 Únor, 2023 v 4:41 ODPOLEDNE
HotelTime upgrade - needs your attention
HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS is ending support for HotelTime version 3.5.0 on July 1 st, 2022. All applications on version 3.5.0 will be terminated on December ...
Út, 12 Duben, 2022 v 6:28 ODPOLEDNE
2022 - Webinar: Pricing, bookings, OTA's
When: Tuesday 3rd of May at 10:00 (CET) Duration: 40 minutes Language: English Speaker: Customer Success team Price: 16 EUR/seat Register to the eve...
Pá, 1 Duben, 2022 v 5:46 ODPOLEDNE
UK VAT rate change effective from 1st of April 2022
For a limited period has UK government provided a reduction of the VAT rate that ends on the 31st of March 2022. Prepare for a new rate of 20% from the 1st ...
Čt, 31 Březen, 2022 v 11:20 DOPOLEDNE
Customer Success Program
The Customer Success Program is a free service that aims to make the most of our products for your business. When does the program start? During the...
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2022 Webinar Front Office and housekeeping
When: Friday 25th of March at 10:00 (CET) Duration: 40 minutes Language: English Speaker: Customer Success team Price: free registration Register to...
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Webinar record - Advanced users
Learn how to setup your HotelTime and use plenty of variantions. RateCode settings System settings Meal plan settings Manual posting report Tips and tric...
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Webinar Front Office and Reservation department
Explore more settings for Front desk and Reservation department. When: 28.06.2021 at 09:00 CET Free registration here:
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