Recommended system restrictions for Trial balance


In Trial Balance Debits column should always equal to the Credits column. If they are not equal, then there was user operation that caused the difference. In this article we will have a closer look on system set-up and user rights to eliminate these operations. 


When trial balance is active, some options in the system that could coused discrepancies are automatically deactivated but not all of them. Most common critical operation is overpayments on invoices or partial use of the deposit payment between reservations and invoices. To avoid this operations we recommend the following systém settings.

Settings – Application  - Main system set-up - Accounts and documents


System settings on:

Check subject AR

Allow over-payments / partial-payments when invoicing.

Create invoice when settling with Deposit invoice

System settings off:

Allow overpayment in settlement

Partial use of the deposit invoice





In the second part we move to Settings – User rights. Here we recommend to activate user right „Do not check payment/deposit overcharge“ and deactivate user right „Possibility of invoices and bank transfer without the need for AR“



This settings should help you minimize the user's ability to perform operations that would lead to trial balance discrepancies. In case you find any discerancies despite our recomended settings on link below you will see instructions how to find why it happened and how to solve it. Trial balance discrepancy - search procedure