Dear Valued Client,

Because of different TAX rate changes across the country, please check if, in the HotelTime or Vento application is, your cumulative tax listed in the dropdown menu of TAX/VAT.


HotelTime has made every effort to ensure that minimal manual work is required by the Hotel in order to comply with the new VAT rules. We help you with TAX settings changes.

However the responsibility for setting the correct VAT / TAX rates for Guests and recording it correctly lies with the Hotel. Therefore, please make extensive checks to ensure that all of your rates, services and recipes or stock items are.


We contacted your hotel accountant or main contact with a list of hotel services to confirm the rate change. If you didn't receive the email mentioned above, contact your local sales representative, Shaham Naufer.

Please note that Reservation accounts, Guest accounts, and Postmasters are not recalculated to the new TAX rate. All items has to be changed manually.

How to change the TAX rate in the HotelTime application:



TAX rate change can be done manually in the Vento backoffice application. We do not proceed any bulk change as for HotelTime application.We do not proceed with any bulk change for the HotelTime application.

How to change TAX rate in Vento application: