Vento system hardware

Vento self-installation procedure
Has the POS computer stopped working? Are you expanding with a new POS station? You can also install Vento by yourself from a backup. Customer support coope...
Pá, 4 Červen, 2021 v 10:42 DOPOLEDNE
We can use several types of printers in the Vento system. You can contact your sales representative for an actual offer of suitable printer. Printers ca...
Út, 19 Květen, 2020 v 9:50 DOPOLEDNE
Terminal - ePOS station
Each point of sale (cash register / mobile terminal) must be installed and set up. The Vento ePOS / Vento Mobile application must be installed on the releva...
Út, 19 Květen, 2020 v 9:35 DOPOLEDNE