New version update overview:

  • New column Issuer added to Reservations list by Stay date.
  • Other outlet reservations list - the list can be sorted by Date, Outlet name or Service
  • New housekeeping report - it displays one line for every reservation. We have also added Room with or without Reservation filter.
  • We have introduced a new filter into Postings report: All, Negative manual - not canceled, Annul and annuled items, and All negative prices
  • Forecast - combined includes 0 value segments overview.
  • Printing module - more info in Printing Module article.
  • Payment type appears on an invoice, as we have added a list of payments to the Tax Invoice 80 mm templates.
  • We have implemented a new user right Change customer in all VAT documents and Paymasters.
  • Hostelworld reservations, integrating through Channel Manager system RateGain, prices populate Hoteltime adjusted for commission.
  • Exchange rate settings - field Count has been removed ( by default it's value used to be 1)

We have implemented a new function, where the user is able to see and open/close the credit on all rooms associated with a reservation directly from a simple overview screen. This function allows the user to enable/disable charging items to the hotel account from external systems.

Deposit invoice report has the following filters:

  • Deposit issue date
  • Currency
  • Payment type
  • User
  • Reservation filter