The receipt stores stock items in stock and at the same time affects the calculation of stock item prices.

For the receipt you can set smart pre-fill values in the system settings.
Go to main menu Settings – System.

Did you know, there stock items can be transformed and merge?

Move date on receipt card - if you put stock items for example with a two-day delay of receipt card into the system, you can set to write the date of receipt card automatically 2 days back.

Storing with VAT – If you make a new receipt card according delivery note and these you have from suppliers with VAT, than mark in system ,,New stock activities incl. VAT´´ System will automatically count VAT from stock item, if you choose than value of VAT.

Auto-fill receipt of goods unit price – we recommend settings latest receipt of goods. Almost the prices are not developping dynamic, so therefore will be only small price differences and values will be in receipt card already pre-filled.



To create a new receipt card:
1. Click on the tab in the main menu Stock → New Activity → Receipt card.
2. Fill the receipt header - click Create receipt of goods - this will create an empty document, in which you will then insert the stock items.

Select a supplier from the list. 

Receipt date = the date on which you want to edit the quantity of stock items in stock.
Yes, you can also store in foreign currency - mostly EUR.



3. You can now insert stock items in the receipt detail.

You insert the stock items into the document either individually or in bulk.

Inserting one stock item:



Insert more stock items in bulk:




You can filter by stock item category also by suppliers. Storing than take only a few minutes.

You can use unit conversions – barrels, crate, palette, packages, etc.


5. Save stock items into document.

Click on button Save items and check activity or Save items and continue on right side menu.


6. After you insert stock items, don´t forget to save receipt card – click on button Save activity and modify stock.

The stock will be modified to the same date like receipt card and the average stock price will be recalculated.



If you will not save it. Stock will be not modified and receipt card you will  find like an unsaved document. Document you can also finish later. If this happened you can find it in menu Stock – Activity list.



You can see an icon of blue diskette on the line, where you can check an overview of items in opened receipt card. Than after finishing click on button Save activity and modify stock.