Great report to your Financial department, complete overview of stock activities and values.

Did you know, there are categories of items, that can be appeared on this report? Read more here

Stock operational balance shows all overview of stock activities and also individual stock items, as well as initial, final value and value for the relevant period. After its closing, all stock activities (documents) will be locked and stocktaking cancellations will be blocked as of the date of stock operational balance.

Stock operational balance will close selected period and this can not be undone.

To create a new stock operational balance:

1. Go to Stock - Stock operational balance.

2. Click on New stock closure.

3. Select the stock, where you want to do a stock operational balance. Then fill date and time.

Attention: It is necessary to finished all stock activities. In case we have some of them open/unsaved/ require confirmation, it will be not possible to create a new stock operational balance.

4. Click on Create new stock closure.

After creating we can see finished operational balance in stock closure summary, where we can in future go  throught Stock - Stock operational balance.

In Stock closure summary we can according filtering conditions search all finished stock operational balances and see all details by click on icon Detail po produktech, see pictures below.