Each point of sale (cash register / mobile terminal) must be installed and set up. The Vento ePOS / Vento Mobile application must be installed on the relevant hardware and the terminal must be set up in the Vento system administration too.

Terminals can be found in the menu ePOS  - Terminals. Only an administrator with the appropriate authorization can add a terminal to the system.

Code - device code.

Name - the name of the device.

Address - device address.

HW ID - hardware identification, (Warning - HW ID may change during Windows update, therefore if the terminal does not work after updating the operating system, it is necessary to check the settings, if the HW ID is the same.). With identification and verification will help you customer support department.

App version - application version for the given hardware.

Bill printer - set printer for the given terminal.

The icon display computer data.

With this icon you can edit terminal.

The settings of the terminal also allow setting the printers, the behavior of the system when paying bills, setting up other hardware at the terminal, such as a card reader, printer or weighing machine.

The Vento system can be started on the terminal only if it is assigned to the outlet.

If you are looking for or considering a new terminal, do not hesitate to contact your sales representative.