What is the purpose of the bill and account list and what can you filter here and what do the icons in the type of account mean? Let's take a look.

You can find the bill and account list via Reportings - Bill and account list.

In the bill and account list, you can check individual issued receipts for a given period (either created or closed) and you can also filter for a given outlet.

It is an easy tool for checking receipts for a given day or closure. In addition to the outlet, you can also select, for example bill for a given table, payment method or filter bills discounted on.

If you are not sure that there is the right payment or a number of marked recipes on the given bill, you can search for everything according to the bill number and continue to get to the Bill Detail via the piece of paper next to the pencil.

In the detail of the bill, you will see exactly what recipes were charged and their amount. Who charged, as well as the order types to which the individual orders related. You will also see a possible discount on the account or cancellation here. On the right side, in the Other operations section, you can also see the Operations history, which will tell you, for example, who made the given cancellation or payment of the given account. 

Let's explain what all the icons in the TYPE column mean

-> Canceled item on bill


-> Split bill


-> Transfer items to a permanent Vento account


-> Discount

Tip: What are your options when billing a guest? Or you marked something and need to cancel? You can take a look at these two articles devoted to it - billing and cancellation.