In addition to managers, the Vento back office also uses, for example, a chef or housekeeping, and you don't want them to change anything in stock or outlets other than the ones they works for?

Use user rights for stocks and outlets!

You must first enable the creation of rights for stocks and outlets. You do this via Settings - System, System tab and Rights on stocks and outlets.

For individual users who log in to the Vento back office, you can regulate which stock and outlets they will have access to.

First it is necessary to create the given rights group via Settings -> Rights group.

Once you have this, you need to set up these groups for each stock and outlets separately.


ePOS - Outlets - via pencil

Stock - Stock list - via pencil

Then you only need to adjust the rights for individual users via Settings - Users.

For example, if the chef has to have permission only for the Kitchen stock and Kitchen outlet, he / she will have the Stock - Kitchen and Outlet - Kitchen rights.


You can find more about user rights in THIS article.