Events (new banquet / breakfast) are most often used for group, corporate events and release of breakfast ingredients. Through the new event, it is possible to enter more stock items in one place with a load from different stocks, while simultaneously checking the budget, cost and selling price of all items within the event.


You can create a new event in the tab of the main menu Banquets / Breakfast – Event list - by clicking on the New item button.

Fill in the header of the action and save. In the header, we also enter the budget, which is the amount that determines the maximum amount we should spend on the event. This amount may be determined by the Head of the Center.




There are 2 ways how to insert items into an event:

a) Directly to the banquet / breakfast template.

b) Manually from the event detail.


Items from the specified action will be reflected in the stock only after the event is completed and the stock is modified. Adjustment of the stock is possible only for the period from the last inventory / closing of the stock.


Before ending the event, we recommend to do Price update (option in the right toolbar) for the current prices in the event header.

To finish the event, press the button Save and modifiy stock on the right toolbar.


Items from the event are adjusted by the stock to the date of the event in the header, in the case of the specified range it is adjusted to the time and date by.


After closing the event, the system will create release of stock items according to the listed stocks. The movements of individual stock items can be traced in the history of operations in the detail of the stock item.


You can find a preview of the completed event in the Event list - Banquets / Breakfast – Event list.


TIP: More about banquet / breakfast templates here.