If you are planning to allow your customers to pay for their VentoQR order via Google Pay, you have to send us your Google Merchant ID (MID) along with the QR module setup questionnaire.

How do I get my MID? 

Visit website https://www.google.com/intl/en_us/retail/solutions/merchant-center/

Sign in to your Merchant Center account at the top right corner

    - if you do not have your account, you can create one for free

Then visit website https://pay.google.com/business/console

Sign in to your Pay & Wallet account, or create new account if you do not have one already

    - account used must be the same as your Merchant Center account - use the same account from the previous step

Your MID can then be found after signing in at the top right corner, or in the URL address of the website.