Payment and credit card details

Dear customers,

according to PCI Compliance standards, it is not possible to display or save the payment card number in HotelTime, even in the case of external reservations received via the ChannelManager system.

PCI Compliance does not permit saving of guest credit and debit card numbers. Therefore, you will find the last 4 numbers of the payment card in the system.

For full detail of payment card please follow source, where the reservation was created (HRS, booking, Expedia etc.), or via the ChannelManager system.

We would also like to remind you that payment processing is also possible via HotelTime in the new Billing section. In this case, HotelTime allows you to process payment cards either manually or automatically, without the need to save the card detail directly in the system. This is in compliance with all security standards and rules of PCI Compliance.

HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS customer support team

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