Partner represents an individual or company that made the reservation. Reservation account is in their name.

To change reservation Partner:

  • Open Reservation or Room detail and select Partner Menu
  • Select Partner change.

Useful tip: Every reservation has only one Partner profile. Any tax document issued from Reservation account will be issued for this profile. Partner profile details will be displayed in the section Customer.

Changing Partner

  • To change partner to profile of an individual, populate the field Change on private with at least first few characters of the name and select Search
  • Partner will change by selecting the surname of the required profile
  • If the required profile does not exist, select New private person and create a new profile.
  • If you are changing partner to the company profile, follow the above steps and use field Change on company instead or select New company

Useful Tip: System can identify duplicate profiles. It compares existing VAT no. for companies and email address for individuals. This function is optional and can be activated via Settings --> Hotel operations --> System settings, select function to Check if duplicate email in profiles.

CRM module enables user to check duplicate profiles regularly and create tasks for user to remove them

Activated GDPR module deletes profiles of individuals, who did not give their consent to store their personal information, automatically. GDPR module can be activated by submitting an email request from the client.