Did you already receive advance payment or are you creating a proforma invoice to let the customer know a deposit payment is required?

If you want to create proforma invoice please follow the solution here.

Whenever you receive the payment - either as bank transfer or directly by cash or card, please follow the procedure below.

Deposit invoice is a VAT receipt for received advance payment. This option should be used every time customer pays for services in advance, up to the day of departure. You may use one of the 3 options to create Deposit invoice:

  • Quick deposit invoice  – invoice links with reservation and hotel account open balance decreases accordingly 
  • Create Deposit invoice from existing Proforma invoice – when proforma is linked with reservation or post master, deposit invoice will link with hotel account and open balance will decrease accordingly
  • Create Deposit invoice manually – deposit invoice is not associated with reservation but can be linked to reservation or post master

Quick deposit invoice (from reservation)


How to post a new deposit invoice:

1. Go to Reservation or Room detail --> section Issued bills Menu or Reservation account Menu 

2. Select Insert deposit invoice

3. Choose payment type, services or text for the invoice. When required, it is possible to edit default values - e.g. due amount can be set as a percentage of the total account value.

4. Click Save.


Deposit invoice from Proforma invoice

  1. open Proforma invoice – it is listed either in reservation section Issued bills or in Proforma invoice overview (to access overview select Accounting --> Proforma invoices)
  2. select Quick advance from the right-side tool panel 
  3. select payment book, the total payment amount is prepopulated with the total amount from Proforma invoice and select Save

If the value of the received payment is different from the value of the Proforma invoice:

- you may raise deposit invoice using the first option (deposit invoice will not be linked to the proforma). Proforma is not a tax document, therefore, its value may remain unchanged.

- or change the amount on the Proforma invoice first to obtain the same value on both documents. If the proforma has already been exported to accounting software, you will require special user rights to amend the proforma invoice first.

Create a Deposit invoice manually

  1. Go to main menu Accounting – Deposits
  2. Select Create a new deposit invoice 
  3. Choose payment
  4. Click Save

Useful tip - List of deposit invoices can be found in Accounting --> Deposits. If you are looking for any deposits, which are due to be used to settle accounts or any that were missed and are meant to be used to settle outstanding accounts, you may find them in Accounting --> Overviews --> Deposit ledger.