Housekeeping module allows reception users to:

- add notes for housekeeping to a room detail, a note appears on housekeeping report,  

- get room status directly in the room detail or the room plan


Adding a note for housekeeping:

1. Open Room detail 

2. Add a note to Remark for housekeeping and select Save

The note is displayed in Housekeeping report (Front desk -- > Housekeeping report) 



Room status in the Room detail.

Message Room is not clean in the red rectangle with an exclamation mark is displayed if the room is in the status dirty. No message is displayed if the room is in a clean or inspected status.


Room status in the Room plan

Live status of every room displays on the left-hand side of the room number column in the room plan. 

Colour matrix:

Red colour = dirty status

Amber = clean status

Green = inspected status.


Useful tip - If you switch on function Check-in: require inspected room, the user will be able to check-in room with inspected status only. To set up go to main menu Settings --  > Application --> Main system set-up -->  Reservations (tab) select Check-in: require inspected room.