Hotels have a responsibility to register guests at the check-in. Hoteltime can assist by offering a functionality Registration card print. 

How to get Registration form in your system?

Customer support department will help you to create and design your own template. Once you put Guest in system, registration form generates automaticly Guest details, so you do not need to fill it up manually again.

How to print the Registration card?

Click on Front desk --> Arrivals --> click Display

You can print our Registration card for one guest or bult print all registration cards on Arrivals

1. Bulk print 

- Select Bulk registration card print 

- The system will generate a word document containing registration cards for all guests arriving on the selected date

- Print registration cards from Word document

2. Individual registration cards print - to print registration cards individually

- Click on the name in the column Guest

- The system will generate a word document containing a registration card for the selected guest