We recommend you to create invoice on the day of departure or after departure day. If there are any pre-payments, please insert deposit invoice in reservation.

Useful tip:

Deposit invoice can be created from reservation detail - Menu - Insert deposit invoice. This pre-payment will be attached to reservation open account and will be counted in total balance. 

When the settlement is done, you should not edit reservation date and prices. 

How to close and pay reservation?

1. Open Reservation Detail.

2. Select Check-out. System pop-up window will advise you that there are unpaid Main or Guest account. 

3. Press Settle accounts. You will be redirected to the Settlement window.

4. Choose items to by settled.

5. Tick Create invoice and click on Create invoice / Create invoice and check-out.

Go back to reservation detail - you will see invoice attached to reservation. 

You can click on invoice number to get to invoice detail. Invoice is created as Tax document and you can insert payment later on. Or you can change invoice details.  

Invoice detail - insert payment.

Useful tip:

Invoice was created by mistake? You can cancel invoice to return back all items on reservation and create a new one.