What does the Settlement window consist of?

Settlement Header - Contains basic information about the account and reservation.

Unsettled account items - outstanding account items that are not yet part of any final invoice/receipt. You can select/deselect items you want to settle.

Unused deposits and payments - this list contains any deposits and payments associated with the account (these are part of the Deposit Ledger of the hotel). You can deselect deposit in case you want to settle the account items without it.

Settlement type - Hoteltime offers 4 different ways to settle the account, select one that is applicable:

a. Settle and Close - use when payment is taken at the desk during the check-out

b. Invoice - use this option when you do not yet have a payment and you are invoicing a reservation owner

c. Transfer to post master - use this option when collating charges for the number of reservations e.g. you send to OTA a single VAT invoice for all reservations from one month.

d. Transfer to another reservation account - this option transfers selected account items to a different account

How to use settlement types?

1. Settle and Close

- in the section Payment select type of payment you obtained, the total for selected Account items will automatically populate the field in the column Amount.

- select Settle and Check-out or Settlement

2. Create Invoice

- Select Create invoice. Invoice will be created and you can add payment on it later.  

3. Transfer to post master

- the system will display all applicable Post Masters

Useful tip - if no post masters are listed even though you have an open Post master, check, whether the user group's right Post master with same partner only is active (under Close hotel account). If so, the system will only list Post masters with the same owner profile as a partner of the reservation.

4. Transfer to another reservation account

- the system will list all Open guest and reservations account