What availability are you sending to ChannelManagerSystem? What is you occupancy right now?

Check out Detailed availability overview.

Detailed availability overview is split into 3 sections:

  • Total availability of the property
  • Group reservations and unallocated room reservations
  • Availability by the room type

Report data source: all valid reservations in the system

To open Detailed availability go to:

  • Room plan --> Detailed availability (tab)
  • Reservations --> Detailed availability


1. Overview - Total availability of the property

The table rows represent:

  • Total of rooms - total physical inventory of the property 
  • Rooms out of order - total number of rooms on OOO status         
  • Reserved rooms - all rooms reserved (including provisional)
  • Occupancy % - total occupancy in % (including provisional)
  • Confirmed % - total occupancy in % (excluding provisional bookings)
  • Rooms free - available rooms (excluding OOO rooms)     
  • Allocations: total - total number of rooms in allotment   
  • Allocations: remaining - total number of allotted rooms not yet picked-up
  • Rooms free with allocation - total number of available rooms excluding not yet picked-up allotment
  • Reservations - options - total number of provisional reservations              
  • Reservations - fixed - total number of confirmed reservations


2. Group reservations and unallocated room reservations

Yellow color shows you unacclocated reservation. Do you want to assign room? Continue here.

Bubbles represent:

1. Group bookings - reservation that's Client type has Group attribute (to review settings go to Settings --> Classification management --> Client types  - if the client type has Group attribute it will mark reservations as group bookings)

2. Room reservations that do not have a room assigned - to open the reservation click on the cell and assign rooms. If all rooms from the reservation are assigned, the cell will disappear.


3. Availability by room type


Every room type contains the following data:

  • Total physical inventory 
  • Reserved rooms
  • Rooms free - number of rooms excluding out of order rooms and reserved rooms