Where can I find housekeeping report?

Front desk --> Housekeeping report 

                  --> Housekeeping detail

                  --> Overviews -->Linen change report

Print out housekeeping report

Once you are happy about the filtered results, use option Print version in the right-hand side corner of the screen to print the overview.

Clean and inspect rooms

You can just simply print out housekeeping overview and your housekeepers will return you - then clean room in the system manually.

Recommended: Use PBX integration and your housekeepers will call from the room specific number , systen will clean room automatically.

1. Housekeeping report

Housekeeping report is a useful tool that generates an overview of room reservation status (departure/arrival/stayover), room housekeeping status (dirty, clean, inspected and housekeeping tasks required.

2. Housekeeping report detail


  • Date: date you want to generate the report for. Please note, if you are generating the report for any date (especially looking in the future) the reservation status in the columns Departure/DayUse/Arrival will reflect current reservation status (e.g. confirmed)
  • Room group: filters out only rooms for a specific room group
  • Room status: filters out rooms with housekeeping status. You can choose from Dirty, Cleaned, Cleaned - check only, Inspected status. To see all rooms keep room status as --not specified--
  • Room types: filters out a specific room type
  • Group of room types: filters out a specific group of room types
  • Room No.: displays specific room
  • Reservation status: displays rooms in specific res. status. 
    • Provisional
    • Confirmed (if you are generating the report for a date in the future, all future arrivals will have status confirmed or provisional)
    • Checked-in
    • Checked-out
    • Without-check-in 
  • Group name: field for a Group name is in the header of the Reservation Detail
  • Room features: selects the rooms with a specific set of room features (e.g. you need to replenish the rooms with a minibar and you need to find out the status). Please select one, all or combination of a room features and select of the following options:
    • Rooms with any selected feature - report filters out all rooms that have at least one of the selected features
    • Rooms with exact match of selected features - report filters out only rooms that have all of the selected features
  • Reservation requests:    
  • Only rooms without a reservation:    
  • Only rooms with a reservation:    

3. Linen Change

If you work with a policy, where you change over linen in stayover rooms every x days, please set up the frequency of change through Settings --> Application --> Main system set-up. Select tab Reservations go to section Other at the bottom of the page. Add a number to Linen change frequency (days) filed.

How to generate a list of stayover rooms requiring Linen change?

Open Linen change report, select the required date and room group (optional) and press Display. The report will display all stayover rooms requiring changeover of linens (based on linen change frequency or unscheduled linen change).