What is a Post master /PayMaster?

Post master is an account can be created for a company or an individual profile. It is not connected to Reservation or Room.

What can I use the Post master account for?

- settlement of MICE and corporate periodic invoicing

- settlement of cancellations/no-show charges

- add charges for your house accounts such as complaints, entertainment etc...

- create correction receipts after the reservations account was checked out

How to create a Post master?

From the main menu select Sales --> Post masters -->select New Post master

Fill in the parameters of the account for reporting purposes such as Segment, Reservation source (these are optional but useful for instances when you are creating an account without reservation, but the account items should ... a reservation account) 

Functionalities of Post master?

Post master contains almost identical functionalities as Reservation/Guest account, please see an overview below:

  • Edit header - select new account owner, update account name and parameters, add a note 
  • Posting report
  • Postings report
  • Settle account - choose Settle and close the account or Create an invoice
  • Disable posting from ext. systems - disables posting from external systems such as Vento, Libero or another integrated external system
  • Enable posting from ext. systems - allows posting from external systems such as Vento, Libero or another integrated external system
  • Add item on invoice - add service and products to the account
  • Apply discount - apply percentual discount 
  • Transfer items - transfer account items to other Post master
  • Insert deposit invoice - create a Deposit invoice 
  • Print invoice - prints preview of the Post master account
  • Open account - when you settle the Post Master, post master account automatically closes. To post more items to the same Post master that is closed, use this option.

How to transfer reservation items to Post master?

Use the following options to transfer reservation account items to the post master:

- Settlement - transfer to Post master

- Automatic settlement (routing)

Useful tip - do you need a Post master account for specific client or Purpose to open automatically after it is settled. Go to Settings --> Application --> Main system set-up --> Accounts and documents (tab). Tick Automatically open new post master account after closure and Save.