Is the small change of your currency, such as cents or pennies, not physically in circulation anymore but it is still used for card payments or you simply do not want to accept small change etc.? You can set up rounding for the following types of payments:

  • Cash    
  • Payment card    
  • Bank transfer    
  • Custom    
  • Credit    
  • Offsetting    
  • System

How to set up rounding?

Select Settings --> Application --> Hotel currencies --> Currency Rounding (tab)

You can set up the following rounding:

1 - will round the total to whole numbers e.g. amount 2.43 will be rounded to 3 etc.

0.1 - will round the total to tenths e.g 2.43 will be rounded to 2.5 etc.

0.01 - will round the total to hundredths e.g 2.43 will stay 2.43

How does it look in practice?

In this scenario we have set up payment type GBP Cash to round to whole numbers. Total amount due for the account below

is decimal number. Upon sellecting payment type Cash, system automaticaly rounded up the amount to pay.