Is the room not suitable for sale due to maintenance issue or you have a reason not to make it available for some on a specific date? Try and use an Out of order function.

How does Out of order (OOO) function work?

- it blocks the room and prevents you from assigning it to the room reservation

- it decreases the available inventory of the room type, which the room belongs to. If you are connected to channel manager and availability synchronisation is switched on, availability will be sent adjusted for any rooms on OOO.

How to place a room on Out of order (OOO)?

From the main menu select Settings --> Application --> Rooms OOO.
Select Add Room out of Order, change the date range, fill in the comment (compulsory field), select rooms, choose the colour from Colour picker and select Save.

System will notify you that OOO entry cannot be saved if the room is assigned to the reservation with stay dates during the OOO date range.

The OOO entry will appear in the room plan complete with Note

How to search for existing Out of order rooms?

  • Settings --> Application --> Rooms OOO

use filters to narrow down the list of OOO rooms 

you can add, edit and delete rooms from this section

  • Front desk --> Overviews --> Rooms - OOO Overview

you can use this report  for preview only

What impact does OOO on reports?

Well, very depends, how are you counting Rooms OOO. Management overview and Manager report on email show OOO rooms separately and total roomnights has 2 values - including OOO rooms and exluding OOO rooms.

Useful tip: Do you need to put all rooms from certain room type on OOO? You can change them to OOO all at once. When you are adding the OOO, select room type from filter Room type, the system will list only rooms belonging to this room type, then tick All rooms and Save.