CRM - Birthdays

The Hoteltime report Birthdays displays all guests from your profile database (if on-chain, and you have shared database even guest who stayed in other hotels in the chain only. The report uses the Date of the birth parameter from the guest's profile.

Adding DOB to guest's Profile

From Room/Reservation Detail

  • Go to Room detail and click on the Guest profile or go to Reservation detail, section Partner and select Edit profile
  • Fill in Day of birth

From the main menu select Profiles --> Individuals and search for guest's profile

Basic CRM module (available globally)  

CRM --> Birthdays, displays all guests, who have a birthday for the selected day. You can filter only guests who are staying in the hotel. Contains an option to generate the list of guests who are celebrating birthdays

Extended CRM module (add-on paid option, please check with your sales account)

Hoteltime system can distribute Birthday message emails on the day of guest's birthday automatically using your email server, as part of extended CRM module application.

Set-up requirements:

  • create a CRM category for birthday email (from the main menu select CRM --> Category List)
  • create your own Birthday greeting in HTML format and save it to CRM --> Templates --> New template.
  • amend settings of the CRM module:
    • assign Birthday Category to Category CRM for birthday
    • fill in the information of your Email server (contact your local IT department if you do not have these)
    • tick Check citizen title: if you want to validate only profiles with existing Title.
  • contact customer support from contract signatory email with request to switch on automatic distribution of birthday emails
  • let us know what time should emails be sent daily

For successful distribution of the email to the guest make sure that Guest's profile:

- has Consent to the retention of personal data for the purposes of the repeated stay ticked (if the GDPR is active)

- contains valid email

- has the language of an existing template selected ( if you select a language, and you do not have a template in such language, it will not be sent to the client)

- has the category Birthday selected

- (optional) contains Title ( please note if you choose to Check citizen title: set up in the CRM settings, then you must fill it in)

For more on CRM prestay, post-checkin and post-stay automated email distribution see articles CRM section.

Did you know?

Hoteltime integrates with third parties' CRM. We work with GuestJoy and VirtualZoom. Hoteltime CRM module is rather simple when compared to third parties. For more information please contact your Sales account.