The stocktaking is always entered in the system for the period from the last stocktaking to any date, maximum, up to the current day. Stock items can be entered into the Stocktaking and saved as unfinished, similar to other stock activities.

Stocktaking list for employees to fill, you can print out in Vento. 

When the stocktaking is completed, the stock is balanced with the stocktaking quantity. Losses or surpluses are then quantified in the stocktaking. 

Stocktaking correction is possible if it has not been locked by the stock operational balance. The stocktaking can be canceled and created a new one.

Individual stock items can be added to the stocktaking more than once, so it is not necessary to add up the items before entering, if you have stock items in several places. The last entered stock item in the stocktaking always shows the current stock correction, so the stock items already entered in the stocktaking are also taken into account.

At the end of the stocktaking, all stock activities for the stocktaking period will be locked and the stocks of stock items will be adjusted. When adding a large number of stock items to the stocktaking, we recommend that you continuously save the items to the stocktaking in progress, because of the possible expiration of the time limit for user login for security reasons.

You can exclude some of the items from the financial differences, so that they do not figure in the quantified losses and surpluses.

To create a new stocktaking:

1. In menu click on Stock - Stocktaking.

2. Select the stock where you will create a new stocktaking, fill time range from - to.

3. Click on button New stocktaking.

4. In next step fill inventory name, stock and stocktaking date.

5. Click on Create and enter items.

6.Enter the items and their quantity as you actually have them in stock.

You can add multiple items or add recipe stock items in the right side menu.


7. If you have stocktaking done, click on button Finish stocktaking in the right side menu.

In case, that you will not finish stocktakig, it is possible to continute in the future.

Unfinished stocktaking you can find in menu Stock - Stocktaking and there find unfinished stocktaking. Through icon of pencil you can go to stocktaking and continue.

Tip: In case, that is not possible to finish stocktaking you must close all unfinished activities (receipt cards, transfers, etc.) You can do it in menu Stock - Activity list - Activity type all - display all unsaved, require confirmation documents in line Document state.