It is highly recommended to sort all data in Vento. Recipe categories will help you to easy search and by the future bulk changes, they usually correspond to sections in the meal menu or beverage menu, therefore typical categories are e. g.  starters, soups, soft drinks, hot drinks, mixed drinks, etc.

Recipe categories allow you to sort / filter / use recipes within certain categories and thus facilitate / clarify the user's work. Each recipe can be assigned to a corresponding category. You can also use a hierarchical structure - superior categories of recipes. E.g. I have, the category of recipes Beverages, and this category is superior to the categories Non-alcoholic, Beer, Wine and Spirits. Furthermore, for example, the category of recipes Wine can have subcategories Red wine, White wine, etc.

1. Settings of recipe categories you can set in menu Recipes - Recipe categories.

2.  Click on New category.

                                                                                                                                                                     This icon is used to insert a new subcategory of recipes in superior category.


 This icon can be used to edit the recipe category.

       You can use the cross icon to delete a recipe category from the system (if it does not contain subcategories).

4. Fill header.

Click on Save or Save and new, if you want insert other category.

Clicking on button Back you will go one step back without saving.

Name - Enter the name of the recipe category here, this is a mandatory item. E.g. Lunch menu, Main courses, ...

Superior Category - Select the superior category for the new recipe category here. E.g. Spirits, cocktails can have a superior category Drinks.

Save - Press the Save button to save the new recipe category to the system.

Save and new - Pressing the Save and new button will save the new recipe category to the system and then to user will be offered a form to insert another recipe category.

Back - Pressing the Back button takes the user to the previous page without saving changes.