Are you thinking about how to simplify the work of housekeepers as much as possible? They can have up-to-date information with them at all times so their work can be smoother.

Introducing Housekeeping app!

Check for room status on the list of rooms:

  • red - dirty room
  • yellow - clean (unispected) room
  • green - inspected room

In the detail of the room you can see what needs to be done in the room, the date of stay, etc. 

There are also buttons that adjust the condition of the room as it should be after visiting the maid, and this condition is reflected at the reception in roomplan (clean, inspected, etc.).

Is there any minibar consumption? The housekeeper can enter the number of used minibar items immediately after replenishment, these will appear on the guest's account and will be immediately deducted from the stock. 

Contact your sales representative or customer support to activate this handy application for you.