The working shift module is a good helper when searching for a data in the cash journals. Using the working shifts will allow you to filter the data according to a new parameter - Working shift. You will find the data for a given period and a user without need to set these filters. You will certainly appreciate this at the reception for example. 

How to turn on?

You can activate the module on your own in the main menu tab Settings - Application - Main system set-up - check box Use working shift. If you want the filter to be tied to the user, also activate End working shift by user. This will lock the user when filtering in the cash journal and will automatically pre-fill it according to the selected shift.

Also check the user rights and set it according to the needs of your hotel. The following are linked to the working shift module:

Working shift - End of shift, Show all users data, Cash book, Without filters.

How to end a shift?

The shift begins automatically, it can not be started manually. You can end a shift in the main menu tab Front desk - End of shift.

How to work with the module?

After the shift has been ended the system automatically redirects you to the cash book (if you have sufficient user rights). Here in filtering conditions you already have the last working shift automatically pre-filled and it is not possible to change the date range of the report. This is determined by the selected shift. If you have activated working shifts by user, you also do not have the option to change the User. 

If you need to filter according to these conditions, just select "not specified" in the Working shift field and the date and user will be available again.