Did you know that HotelTime offers online payment processing directly in the application? Including instant online card payment?

In cooperation with Total Processing (online payment gateway), HotelTime offers payment solutions directly in the application, in compliance with all security procedures and the PSD2 SCA directive.

Advantages of using an online payment solution:

  • Automatic guest payments for reservations (including virtual cards of OTA partners). The payment is then displayed in the reservation detail and can be used to pay for the bill during settlement.
  • Use of the online payment gateway without the use of a physical terminal - by entering card details directly via HotelTime. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to own a physical payment terminal. In this way, the card can be registered for reservation and then any amount can be downloaded, or pre-authorized for a specific amount and then a quick deposit can be created or used for billing.
  • Card information can be entered into the system in advance, so the guest does not have to withdraw the card at all upon departure.
  • You can make Moto or 3D secure payments
  • Everything is secure - HotelTime does not store any card data.
  • It is possible to set any text that will be displayed on the guest bank account statement.

What does online payment processing look like directly at HotelTime?

At the level of detail of the reservation, another section "Credit cards" will be displayed, here external or manual registration and pre-authorization of payment cards will be displayed. In the menu next to this section, you can add registration or pre-authorization of the payment card. By clicking on the green leaf next to the already assigned card, a deposit can be created, which is automatically paid with this payment card.

If the guest decides to pay in another way, the pre-authorization or registration of the card can be canceled with a red cross.

During the settlement of reservation, it is then possible to use pre-authorization for payment, create a payment with an already registered card, or create a payment with a new card.

The created payments will then appear below the account items as existing linked external payments. 

After billing, the payment is displayed on the bill as payment by card online.

In main menu tab Sales > Payments we can find reports and lists of operations with payment cards, most reports can be further filtered by date, etc.

If you do not yet have an online payment solution activated and you are interested in it, please contact a sales representative for your company, who will explain everything to you and prepare a price offer.