In Hoteltime you can set information about the hotel and the company separately. You can find this information in the main menu Settings - Application – Property information.

In the right corner you see the option Other operations. After clicking on Edit hotel, you will see the option to edit information for the hotel and the company. This information is then displayed when printing documents in the field Provider or Hotel.

You can also set up a bank account in case you send, for example, a Proforma invoice and you expect the guest to pay by bank transfer. The bank account is set for the main currency used in HT and the supplementary one. These bank accounts will then be printed according to the currency of the reservation.

If you decide to change the information about the company, we recommend that you always contact your sales manager first. 
A change of company will cause this information to be overwritten even for documents issued in the past, which is usually undesirable.