Has a reservation come in and created an overbook? Find out how to prevent this or what to do in this case below.

We recommend checking the capacity in the channel manager regularly and if it matches with Hoteltime. If the capacities do not match, just send a sync queue and it will be sent in about a 10 minute window. You can learn more about capacity management in THIS article.

However, also check your contact emails where we send reasons for, for example, not creating a reservation or not saved cancellation.

If an overbook does occur, we recommend contacting the channel manager to verify capacity for a specific room type and date. 

We know from experience that, for example, Booking.com immediately puts rooms back on sale if a customer cancels a reservation. Thus, it does not wait for a response from the channel manager -> Hoteltime. It is always necessary to wait for the capacity synchronization from HT and not to release room capacity spontaneously. So check your settings on Booking.com and cancel this setting if necessary.