Guest history report generates a list of guest's past stays and any additional revenue incurred as a result of the respective stays.


Guest history takes into an account a stay, which is associated with the guest's profile. The stay data populate history report at check-out. The values of individual rooms in Group reservation add up gradually on at the check-out on respective dates.


The report is located in:

Profiles - Individuals - profile detail - History tab


The report displays the following data: 

  • Reservation ID
  • Stay ID
  • RateCode (most recent at check-out)
  • Assigned room (most recent at check-out)
  • Reservation type
  • Segment
  • Source
  • Clientele type 
  • Purpose of stay
  • Reservation note
  • Housekeeping note
  • Reservation Partner
  • Agent
  • Meal plan (most recent at check-out)
  • Reserved room type (most recent at check-out)
  • Reservation currency
  • Stay from - to
  • Number of nights of the stay
  • Reservation price
  • Total extras in the reservation account 
  • The total price of all guest accounts


The active link to reservation or room is not available for clients, who migrated from version 3.5.0.


Data source:


All reservations, where the individual was present as a guest. For any hotels in the chain, the report displays all stays across all properties. Data is generated for the whole stay, therefore, the room move does not have any effect.



Guest stay is a single continuous stay from - to regardless of any room moves. System type reservations Day Use and Accompany are treated the same way as standard reservations.

When do data populate report?

After Night Audit and check-out the last room from reservation.

More on price calculations:


1. Reservation price - the total price of items from reservations that are posted by the system at the creation of the reservation. It is filtered to room, which guests occupied.

2. Price for extras - all items in the Reservation account for the whole reservation, except system posted items (see point 1)

3. Guest account price - the sum of all accounts of the guest, whose profile was attached to room detail, except system posted items added at the creation of reservation (point 1)


If the system items were transferred from reservations account (point 1) to guest account, the system posted items are not added to guest account price to prevent duplicity with the point 1 


If the room detail has 2 or more guest profiles, all respective guest history reports will contain identical values in the column Reservation price and Price for extras. The system does not distinguish or split revenue further between individual guests in the same room.


Revenue is converted into primary and secondary currency with an exchange rate valid on the day of check-out.