As part of the optimization of the Concierge module, there were changes in the functionality and targeting of the module as of 08.08.2019.

The module is no more used for sending email campaigns. We fully replace this functionality by exporting contacts to 3rd parties using secure API communication.

The concierge module remains focused on the following functionality:

  • Sending birthday letter
  • Sending Pre-stay / Post-stay letter
  • Sending Post-Check-in letter
  • Sending Pre-stay letter with a link to booking Libero services
  • Sending a Pre-stay letter with a link to online check-in form
  • Sending an invoice to the customer's e-mail
  • Booking confirmation e-mails
  • Generating automatic tasks
  • Tasks for users
  • Automatic directory check

Do you want to export 3rd party data?

It offers Arrivals, Departures, Post-Checkin. The data can be used in various ways, it can be processed both in tools for mass emailing, but also for guests SMS, etc. Discuss the options with your sales representative, or let our support know to help you get more detailed information.

Don't have the Concierge module activated yet?

Contact support to request activation. The consultant will forward your request to the sales representative to create a price offer.

Do you have the concierge module activated and are you looking for a place to set it up?

Customer support will help you send automatic emails such as birthday greetings, Pre-stay, Post-stay, Post-Checkin. Please prepare the data of your SMTP server, which will enable unencrypted communication - your local IT should help with that. In the HT4 version it is possible to enable SSL, it supports standard implementation via STARTTLS protocol (native SSL support is not yet possible).

You can use the tasks immediately in the Concierge main menu tab.

Directory checks run once a day in the early morning hours - just activate them in Concierge Settings. If you want to enable any directory checking, we recommend that you consult with support first. Running a scan the first time it scans the entire directory, and a huge number of tasks could be created. It is advisable to clean the directory first. 

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