Do you need to split the reservation items by a percentage or an amount? 

The solution is settlement reservation and then splitting invoice.

What to watch out for when using this feature?

  • The invoice must be unpaid.
  • Necessary user right: "Splitting invoice".
  • This operation is irreversible - a split invoice cannot be canceled. Think carefully about the operation before performing it.

Procedure for invoice splitting:

  1. Settlement of reservation on invoice (Settlement - Settlement type - Create invoice).
  2. Use the "Invoice splitting" function in invoice detail (in the right menu Account detail).
  3. Set-up split details - invoice details (1), customer (anyone from reservation can be selected) (2), unit (fixed amount, %) (3) and amount of split (4)
  4. Click on "Split".

A new invoice is created and both are available from the reservation detail. In case of an mistake when splitting the invoice, the invoice can be modified using the correction invoice for items (this is not a cancellation of the invoice!). A split invoice can be further split - if it is necessary to split the items from the reservation between more than two customers.